Why you should be buying fuel in bulk

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5 Reasons You Need Emergency Diesel Fuel Delivery
August 5, 2020
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Why you should be buying fuel in bulk

buying fuel in bulk

buying fuel in bulk

While it may seem complicated, buying fuel in bulk can be simple and help you save money. Not only that, but you can be prepared for even the worst outcomes of a natural disaster. If you’re looking to get into bulk fuel, consider some of the positive things it can do for your business. In short, it can help you:


  1. Be ready for an emergency
  2. Save money
  3. Optimize your workflow
  4. Provide multiple sources for suppliers
  5. Have negotiation Power


You’re ready for an emergency


Buying fuel in bulk helps you prepare for any emergency or natural disaster. You have access to cheap fuel at an established price. More importantly, if you have fuel tanks on-site, you won’t have to worry about where you will get your fuel during a natural disaster. 


Unlike other companies, you won’t be looking around for other gas stations to fill your needs. Instead, you can focus on getting back to work and shipping items across your state. Price fluctuations also happen often when supply chains are hit in a natural disaster. Damaged supply chains, in turn, affects both the delivery and usage of fuel. 


Buying fuel in bulk will mitigate that problem before it even occurs. 


However, this isn’t only for your fleet, but also items like an emergency generator. Maintaining the fuel levels and upkeep of your generator can help you during a natural emergency. 


Practically, your files won’t be destroyed, and you can keep the lights on even if the power goes out. When choosing a bulk fuel provider, look for a provider who can give you bulk fuel for your fleet and your emergency generator. 


That way, all of your operations will be covered, and you won’t skip a beat. While others are reacting, you are proactive. 


You save money


A bulk fuel contract is going to give you a guaranteed price per gallon of fuel. Buying fuel in bulk helps you save money by getting the lowest price possible. Check out multiple fuel providers to get the best deal on your contract. Fuel contracts can be simple, but often are complicated if you need specific types of fuel or on-site fuel storage. 


Do your research and look at the contract before signing. Also, it may be in your best interest to hire a lawyer before signing – just in case, something may have been snuck into the document. If you are buying fuel in bulk for the first time, consider all the fuel services. 


You may find that you can get a better deal if you need extra services or maintenance. Once you have your contract, you can focus on other saving methods, such as improving gas mileage and maximizing routes for both pick-up and refueling.


Optimize Your Workflow


As mentioned above, when buying fuel in bulk, you may want to change your routes due to needing to fuel up. Fuel stations mean you can optimize your workflow to get the maximum amount of mileage, plus fueling at the right times. 


While it may seem simple, it can change your entire workflow. It cuts out travel and waiting times for gas stations, and you can easily track what you spend on fuel. No longer do you have to tally up what you spent in a week on fuel. Now, you can just measure your remaining bulk fuel and how long it will last you. Also, managing a bulk fuel contract will help simplify your business taxes as well. 


This is even more important during an emergency. Emergencies often throw wrenches into a smooth tax record, either by documents getting destroyed or spending to overcome obstacles. Mitigate this risk when you buy fuel in bulk.


Multiple sources for suppliers


The right bulk fuel provider will have multiple sources of fuel. Multiple fuel sources mean that if part of your fuel supply chain breaks down or is damaged, you can still make deliveries. 


On the contrary, that bulk fuel provider will just pull from a different source. Meaning, you won’t have to wait for diesel. Instead, you’ll have fuel shipped to you at the same low price you signed the contract. That means your emergency diesel fuel will be sent to you at the correct time at the right price, no matter what. 


Negotiation Power


Buying fuel in bulk gives you ample room for negotiating power. Not only can you search out multiple providers and compare their contracts, but you can always renegotiate after the contract has expired. Meaning, if you find out that you don’t need that much fuel, you can negotiate for a different rate in an additional fuel quantity. Each year, you can collect data on how much fuel your business needs and make decisions based on that. That means that each time your contract ends, you can negotiate for better deals and know exactly what you need. 


Buying fuel in bulk is not a one-size-fits-all product. However, using the right data, you can leverage it to fit your needs.

Are you considering buying fuel in bulk this year? Want to maximize your fuel performance by paying less per gallon on fuel? Then Moffitt Services can help you! Moffitt Services can help walk you through the process of buying fuel in bulk and help you get the lowest rates possible! Contact us today and get started saving money!

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Moffitt Services
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