Eureka, WA Fuel Services

With 70 years of experience, Moffitt Services is a trusted name in many fields. Some of which include: Eureka, Washington bulk fuel delivery, fuel storage, lubricants, heavy hauling, generator maintenance, and emergency fuel response. We've worked hard to grow our reputation to a national level. Because of that great reputation, we now provide fuel services and more throughout the continental United States, including Eureka, Washington and surrounding areas. Moreover, our company works extremely hard for our customers, because client satisfaction is the biggest part of our business. Learn why people trust us for Eureka, Washington fuel services.

Here is a look at our most popular services in Eureka, WA.

Eureka, WA Fuel Services

24/7 Eureka, WA Bulk Fuel Delivery:

Many industries in and around Eureka, Washington rely on a steady supply of bulk fuel to keep their business running well. Whether it’s fuel for construction sites, oilfields, power plants, or trucking companies, we provide timely bulk fuel at competitive pricing. We also specialize in generator fuel and fuel storage. So, if your business relies on Eureka, Washington bulk fuel delivery, we’ve got you covered.

  • Wholesale fuel for your business – the most cost-effective way to keep your business moving forward.
  • We deliver many quality wholesale fuels, including: Gasoline, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel, Biodiesel, Avgas, Marine Fuel, Alternative Fuels, Ethanol, E85, Kerosene, and more.
  • Eureka, Washington Bulk Fuel Delivery is available 24/7/365

Eureka, Washington Fuel Services & Storage:

In addition to fuel delivery, Moffitt Services offers fuel storage in Eureka. We can provide you with fuel storage tanks for your job-site, and refill them when needed. When you work with Moffitt, you can expect quality and service above all:

  • We provide our own fuel storage tanks on your job-site for you to use.
  • Moffitt keeps your fuel storage tanks full, so you’ll never have to worry about refueling.
  • We regularly test and maintain our fuel storage tanks.
  • Our tanks are in top condition, and have the latest durability technology.

Eureka, WA Lubricant Service

One of Moffitt’s main services in Eureka, Washington is the transportation and delivery of private label lubricants. With most machinery and equipment requiring fuel, there is a high demand for the availability of quality lubricants. Moffitt Services provides lubricants, oils, specialty fluids and greases for clients in Eureka, Washington and beyond. We provide lubricant transport services for many industries as well, including construction, oilfield, industrial, agricultural, manufacturing, generators, trucking, and more. Eureka, Washington fuel services & lubricant services are two areas where Moffitt specializes.

Some of the lubricants we provide are:

  • Grease Products
  • Gear Oils/Hydraulic Oils
  • Car/Truck/Heavy Equipment Engine Oils
  • Tractor Fluids
  • Specialty Products
  • Transmission Fluids

Our high-quality lubricants are reliably delivered where you need them, when you need them. Our experienced service team will help you maintain your supply of all the lubricants required for your commercial and industrial needs.

Moffitt’s Eureka Washington Lubricant Service Features:

  • Eureka Lubricant Delivery Available 24/7/365
  • Bulk Lubricant Product Packaging
  • Highly-Trained Lubricant Specialists
  • Dedicated Delivery Fleet
  • Emergency Deliveries
  • Lubricant Oil Analysis
  • Multiple Private Label Products and Brands
  • Remote Tank Monitoring
  • Tank Equipment:
    • Sales
    • Installation
    • Monitoring

Eureka, WA Generator Fuel Maintenance Program

Moffitt Services designed the Guardian Program, an industry leading generator fuel maintenance program. If your Eureka, Washington business has invested in a backup generator, then you already understand the importance of keeping your business running continually. This program was developed to help you eliminate the risk of fuel contamination or running out of fuel for your backup power sources, like generators.

The Guardian Program includes the following services:

  • Quarterly fuel top-offs to replace fuel used during generator exercise runs.
  • Priority fuel supply and delivery during power outages.
  • Annual fuel testing to measure fuel stability and detect microbial contamination.
  • Filtration, as needed, to remove water and particulates.
  • Fuel additives to maintain fuel stability.

In Eureka, Washington, we offer dedicated fuel storage services for hospitals, data centers, and other critical applications. We provide these organizations fuel during even the most extreme conditions.

Eureka, WA Emergency Response Fuel Service

24/7 Eureka, WA Emergency Response Fuel by Moffitt Services

Moffitt Services is a leading emergency response fuel service provider in Eureka, Washington – and beyond. Emergency situations, especially severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and other disasters, leave many areas in a state of devastation and without necessary resources. Many companies and government agencies rely on a strong supply of fuel to provide relief services. These disasters can make fuel a scarce resource, and without it, relief efforts can grind to a halt.


Moffitt provides Eureka, Washington with 24/7 generator fueling, on-site fueling, and dedicated fuel trucks to these agencies during emergency situations. We provide emergency response fuel services for:

  • Delivery services
  • Grocery stores
  • Restoration services
  • Fleet and equipment operators
  • And more
  • Governmental agencies
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Utilities
  • Communication companies
  • Hospitals

Our Company: Moffitt Services

Eureka, Washington Bulk Fuel Delivery

Since 1947, the Moffitt name has been synonymous with great service. And we encourage you to see why our customers prefer us over our competitors. We are a Houston based fuel and lubricants distributor that is committed to providing quality fuels, lubricants, and superior service to customers that operate heavy equipment, generators, automotive and truck fleets, and more. Meanwhile, we also provide ultra-low sulfur diesel for on-road and off-road use, biodiesel, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), gasoline, ethanol, E85, and kerosene as well as a full line of quality lubricants. Eureka, Washington bulk fuel delivery is our top priority.

Moffitt Services - Since 1947

Whether you need a 500 gallon tank on a construction site or a 10,000 gallon tank to fuel your entire fleet, we welcome the opportunity to earn your business. We offer customized fleet fueling and generator fuel maintenance programs. In short, we are responsive to the needs of our customers. And we're committed to excellence in the daily execution of our business. Our fleet of trucks, tanks and equipment are impeccably maintained to ensure that we're ready to deliver on time, every time.

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