Moffitt Services Water Extraction Services After Disasters

Natural disasters or plumbing emergencies can leave your property flooded and your regular water supply unusable. Sewer water emergencies create black water floods that bring health and safety hazards to homes and businesses. Moffitt Services provides fast, emergency water extraction services to bring critical relief. Our team of experienced professionals use vacuum trucks that can remove thousands of gallons of water quickly and haul it away for treatment and disposal.

Water Extraction Services

Moffitt Services’ fleet of vacuum trucks are extremely agile and made for difficult-to-reach locations. Our trucks can handle a variety of water extraction for residential, commercial and industrial locations. We respond with fast and reliable service for situations such as:

  • Parking garage flooding
  • Hurricane and storm cleanup
  • Septic tank backup and overflow emergencies
  • Oil field services and utility company assistance
  • Residential and commercial flooding
  • Burst pipe and plumbing floods
  • Mud, sewage, or sludge removal services
  • Basement floods in homes or businesses
  • Sewage and wastewater flood removal
  • Standing water removal in buildings of all kinds
  • Clarifier and sump cleaning
  • Septic system maintenance, sewer line cleaning
  • Plumbing backups, overflows, pipe bursts or municipal sewer line breaks

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24/7 Emergency Support

Moffitt Services is a supplier of emergency response cleanup solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Our history of serving those affected by natural disasters spans several decades and multiple states across the country. Contact us for disaster response services in your area today.

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