Generator Fuel Maintenance Program

The Guardian Program

If your business has invested in a backup generator, then you already understand the importance of business continuity. That is why Moffitt Services designed the Guardian Program, an industry leading generator fuel maintenance program. Without such a program, you run the risk that, when you need it most, your backup power source may not be available due to fuel contamination or even worse, lack of fuel availability.

In addition to assuring a steady supply of fuel during storms and other power outages, it is our job to ensure that your fuel supply is constantly maintained in order to reduce or eliminate water, waxes, naturally occurring gums, algae and other contaminants, which account for more than 70 percent of all generator failures. We do this by sampling, analyzing, filtering and treating your fuel supply on a regular basis. We also top-off your fuel supply on a quarterly basis.

Since 1947, the Moffitt name has been synonymous with superior service and flawless execution. We will customize a program based on your stored fuel capacity, required run-time, and criticality and will not over-commit our fleet and put your business at risk when you need us most.

The Guardian Program includes the following services:

  • Quarterly top-offs to replace fuel used during generator exercise runs.
  • Priority fuel supply and delivery during power outages.
  • Annual fuel testing to measure fuel stability and detect microbial contamination.
  • Filtration, as needed, to remove water and particulates.
  • Fuel additives to maintain fuel stability.

We offer dedicated fuel storage services for hospitals, data centers, and other critical applications that must ensure fuel availability during even the most extreme conditions, where wholesale fuel supplies may be unavailable and/or inaccessible. We also offer dedicated tank rentals in order to provide additional fuel capacity during major outages. For a monthly fee, we will store a dedicated tank at our facility, where it is maintained and on standby for your company in a time of need. Use this additional capacity to extend your generator run-time or to fuel company and employee vehicles during retail fuel shortages caused by flooding, evacuations or other events affecting fuel supply.

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