Are You Considering Using Heavy Haul Services? Here are 3 Reasons You Should

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April 2, 2018
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Are You Considering Using Heavy Haul Services? Here are 3 Reasons You Should

Do you need heavy haul services? Are you a construction company, oilfield company, or other company needing to move very large loads? If so, you may need to contract a heavy haul service. Heavy haul trucking has become more necessary with the development of large construction equipment, pipeline and energy components, and a number of other large equipment. While you may have considered moving some or all of your equipment yourself, you might quickly realize how complicated it can be.

Heavy haul is not merely the moving of large loads from one place to the next. The process entails many details, requires special training and expertise, as well as special permission and permits. Rather than try to figure it all out on your own, consider using a professional and reputable heavy haul service to do the job right.

Here are three factors you should consider with using heavy haul services.


  1. Load Size

The most common reason you should use a heavy haul service is load size. Transporting unusually large and heavy pieces of equipment comes with several challenges. Not only is it an intricate process, it often requires special equipment and permits, not to mention the most important issue of all: safety. Some of the most common equipment needing heavy haul transport are portable offices, cranes, excavators, windmill propellers, steel beams, and other pieces of oversized industrial equipment.

Heavy haul transport is basically needed for any load that exceeds standard roadway size and weight limits. An experienced heavy haul team can not only ensure the transporting of such a large load, but the loading and unloading as well.


  1. Distance

In many cases, heavy haul services are used to transport oversized loads and equipment great distances, sometimes across the country. This presents several challenges in itself. First of all is the challenge of driving the specialized vehicles required on open roads. Special skills are required to manage such a load. Most importantly, a skilled heavy haul driver understands the importance of safety, especially for other people on the road.

A professional heavy haul driver also understands and is constantly aware of the weight distribution requirements to carry loads over long distances. Whether it’s an open flatbed trailer, closed trailer, or other heavy haul vehicle, navigating and managing a load across long distances is imperative.


  1. Time

One of the most commonly expressed concerns for those contracting a heavy haul service is on-time delivery. This is especially true when transporting large equipment, like cranes and heavy machinery, over long distances. An expert heavy haul service takes into account all the external factors affecting the transport and schedules the delivery accordingly. Heavy haul is simply a service you cannot rush. However, an experienced driver also doesn’t waste any time.

By choosing a reputable heavy haul company, you can have confidence your equipment will delivered on time, safely.

Aside from these key factors, it is important to note that transporting oversize loads requires special permits, industrial-strength transportation equipment, and the use of a pilot car. At Moffitt, our heavy haul experts ensure that every facet of the move, from acquiring permits to freight delivery, is completed quickly and safely.


So, do you realize now that you may need heavy haul services? If so, choose an experienced and trusted company for your heavy haul needs. Choose Moffitt Services.

Moffitt Services
Moffitt Services
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