How to Optimize Fuel Management

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How to Optimize Fuel Management

How to Optimize Fuel Management

How to Optimize Fuel Management

Fuel management is essential for getting the most out of your fleet. Whether you are looking to save money or time, optimizing your fuel management can help you achieve more than just a couple of bucks in savings. In fact, it can help you keep employees safe and maximize efficiency. What if you aren’t a business that drives a fleet of cars? Can proper fuel management really help you? Of course it can! Here’s how you can get the most out of your fuel needs this year:

  • Set goals and track progress
  • Use bulk fuel
  • Routine maintenance
  • Hire a fuel manager
  • Prepare for a crisis


Set goals and track progress


For those of you who manage a fleet of cars, installing tracking technologies on your vehicles will help you manage your fuel better. Not only can you measure things like travel speed and routes taken, but you can measure frequent stoppage or harsh gassing. You can improve your fleet by mapping out the best routes for your drivers. Additionally, you can map out the best times to maximize periods without stoppage.


Upgrading your fleet with the latest technologies helps you gain a real-time analysis of your fuel needs. With some adjustments, you can optimize your fuel management to stretch farther than before. Plus, you can haphazard drivers from engaging in bad practices as they drive.


Use bulk fuel


Bulk fuel can help your fuel management in multiple ways. If you are looking to make a serious impact on the bottom dollar you spend on fuel, then bulk fuel is the way to go. In short, bulk fuel can help you:


  • Save money by paying one up-front cost
  • Prepare for a crisis and still be able to stay on the road
  • Help you save time with fueling stations
  • Protect yourself from price increases throughout the year
  • Negotiate your contract in the future based on your needs
  • Optimize your workflow so you can fill up at job sites
  • And more!


Bulk fuel allows you to be ready for just about anything that can affect your fleet of cars. However, can bulk fuel help you even if you don’t have a fleet of cars? Yes! The right bulk fuel provider can help store fuels or upkeep a company generator for those extreme situations.


Routine maintenance


Routine maintenance for vehicles is a must for any fuel manager. Maintenance items like tire pressure, oil changes, and other measures can help you stretch your gas intake. Not to mention, it prevents accidents and breakdowns. This, in turn, keeps you on the road for longer. Routine maintenance is all about cost savings. Much like going to the doctor, routine care for your vehicles can keep you chugging along without a problem!


Hire a fuel manager


If you are ready to invest in your fuel management then you need to hire a fuel manager. A fuel manager can help you quantify important data like miles driven per year, best route times, best drivers, and more information. 


A fuel manager can also help you source different contracts from bulk fuel providers, ensuring that you get the best deal. They will not only help you negotiate price points, time frames, and other deliverables but can help you establish a fueling network for your drivers. 


Prepare for a crisis


You can’t have effective fuel management if you only plan for the good times. Indeed, you need to prepare for those moments when life throws you a curveball. When it comes to managing your fuel make sure you are prepared for a crisis. This may mean that you have fuel stored away or have a bulk fuel provider to reach you during natural disasters. 


Don’t wait until something bad happens to prepare. Start now! Make a list of necessary supplies you’ll need in the event a natural disaster occurs. Have a disaster plan for your business that is specific to your needs. Preparing now will help you prevent price gouging in the event of an emergency when it comes to your fueling needs.

Do you want to optimize your fuel management for the best that it can be? Do you want to be prepared for whatever comes your way? Moffitt Services can help you! Our bulk fuel services are designed to help you save money, and be ready for the unexpected. Contact us today and find out how we can help you!

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