The Benefits of an On-Site Fuel Storage Tank

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December 3, 2018
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February 4, 2019
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The Benefits of an On-Site Fuel Storage Tank

Are you considering using an on-site fuel storage tank for your business? Many companies with a fleet of vehicles require frequent fuel refueling. The most common practice for this is to utilize off-site refueling facilities. However, this can easily result in higher costs and wasted time. It may be time to change to a more efficient approach to meet your fuel needs.

Here are four reasons you should consider using on-site fuel storage tanks.

  1. Save Money

Perhaps the greatest benefit for on-site fuel storage is found in the way of saving money. When you buy bulk fuel, you will pay lower prices. You can even negotiate lower prices with your fuel supplier and pay less than the wholesale market price if you do it right. Having an on-site fuel storage tank also helps you mange fuel consumption. If you utilize an effective fuel management system, you’ll save even more money by predicting how much fuel you use and when you use it. This helps you plan for future expenses and budget your fuel spending better.

  1. Increase Efficiency

Even more valuable than money is time. As a business, the more ways you can save time, the more your business will grow. Having on-site fuel storage increases your business’s efficiency by eliminating the need to travel to off-site fueling locations to fill up. This has a ripple effect in your overall business efficiency by allowing jobs to be completed faster and eliminating stress on drivers. You’ll save time and energy by having all your fuel under your control.

  1. Prevent Theft

Although not highly common, fuel theft is a real concern for some companies. It mostly happens within an organization. Employees can easily take advantage of the company’s fuel allowances or the use of fuel cards for their own personal use. Sometimes employees even give their fuel cards to friends and family to use. This is very difficult for companies to detect while it is happening. To eliminate this practice from taking place, having an on-site fuel storage tank helps you monitor exactly who is using fuel.

  1. Ensure Quality

A good fuel tank service provider will also provide fuel tank testing services. This entails checking the integrity of the fuel tank and taking a fuel sample to test it for contaminants.  Contaminated fuel can be a huge loss to your business in both time and money. By having your fuel on-site and the inspections under your control, you can prevent this from happening. Create a regular fuel tank maintenance plan to test your tank regularly. Check for contaminants like water and for leaks in the tank. The government does not have minimum inspection procedures, so take the initiative to plan it yourself to ensure fuel quality.

An on-site fuel storage tank can make a huge difference in your business’s efficiency. You’ll save time and money, and give yourself the peace of mind knowing you’ll have fuel when you need it.

If you want to learn more about our fuel storage tank services, please contact us today. We stand behind our reputation to keep your business running smoothly with reliable fuel services.

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