The Most Vital Components of Lubrication Cost Management for Your Business

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The Most Vital Components of Lubrication Cost Management for Your Business

Lubrication management may not sound exciting, but it matters. If your business relies on the use of lubricants to keep it running smoothly, then you understand by now the costs involved. What you may not fully realize, is the long-term importance of proper lubricant management. With the right procedures and systems in place, you can accurately track all of the costs involved, eliminate and avoid unnecessary costs, and increase business efficiency.

To start, it is important to understand the core components that contribute to the total cost of equipment ownership when it pertains to lubricants for your business.

  1. The total cost of lubricants and greases

How much does it cost to supply your equipment with the proper lubricants for normal use?

  1. The total cost of proper maintenance and business systems

How much do you send to maintain your equipment and keep it running smoothly?

  1. The threat of increased costs due to improper lubricant selection

Are you using the right lubricant for your equipment? If not, it could be costing you.

  1. The threat of increased costs from equipment downtime and loss of production

How much does proper lubrication affect equipment downtime? How will improving your lubrication management help prevent downtime and maintain production?

  1. Variable lubrication costs associated with administration, training, leaks, proper handling etc.

Do you understand all of the costs associated with lubrications?


Effective Lubrication Management

The better you can understand the total cost of ownership and potential costs involved with lubrications, the more savings you can realize over time. Effective lubrication management delivers value to your business by improving productivity, reducing unnecessary consumption, and giving you greater control over maintenance and operating costs. Basically, the better you manage your lubrication usage and costs, the more efficient your business will be.

Here are the four principles to lubrication management:

  • First and foremost, the lubricants must be stored in the most ideal conditions and handled properly. This prevents waste from contamination and improper handling.
  • Apply lubricants at the right time so they reach the right surface and are used most effectively. Change the lubricant at the correct time to avoid delays and unnecessary equipment wear.
  • Regularly monitor lubricant amounts to keep moving parts working effectively and to circumvent any issues that arise from old lubricants that have not been changed out.
  • Put the right people in place to monitor, store, apply, and measure the lubricants. Competency goes a long way in lubrication management.


If your business relies on lubricants and greases to maintain efficient operations and business continuity then you understand the value of good lubrication cost management. If you aren’t being meticulous about your lubrication management, it could be costing you a lot of money in your business. Aside from wasteful use of lubricants, you could be losing money through down time, inefficiencies, worn out equipment, and incompetent workers. Invest in proper lubrication management to keep your business running optimally.

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