Should You Get a Backup Generator for Your Business?

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Should you consider getting a backup generator for your business? After the hurricane season of 2017, many homes and businesses were without power for a considerable amount of time. While the cost to repair physical damages was very high, many businesses also had to pay the high price of not being open for business while the power was out.

With that in mind, it is important to understand how important a backup generator is for your business, and whether or not you need one. Let’s look at some of the most vital points to having a backup generator.


  1. Does your business store sensitive customer information and important data?

Many businesses today store important information about their customers and operations that are critical to normal operations and especially to security. A power outage could also mean losing access to this important data, or even worse, losing the data altogether. Unexpected power shutoffs can be detrimental to computer systems and data storage hardware. If your business requires secure storage and access of sensitive customer information, then a backup generator is vitally important.


  1. Does your business require consistent power to maintain productivity?

If your business relies on productivity, as is the case with manufacturing, assembly, shipping, or production of some kind, then a power outage is a major disruptor to productivity. Many businesses who operate this way cannot afford to lose power and be without critical systems to continue operations. Time can be very expensive. Not only will you lose time in man hours with your employees, but you also have to reboot computer systems and machinery, which can both take time, especially with larger technical equipment. A backup generator will keep the power on and keep you running normally with no lost time.


  1. Does your business require consistent power to maintain critical systems?

Some organizations require consistent power to maintain critical systems. Places like hospitals, food storage facilities, and temperature controlled environments require a nonstop source of power. Hospitals need important equipment to have consistent power in order to save human lives. Food storage facilities require very specific temperatures to keep food healthy for transportation and consumption. If you operate an organization like these, you cannot operate without a backup generator in place. It is absolutely necessary for the safety and preservation of life.


  1. Does your business require security systems?

Many businesses have very valuable assets onsite that require security systems to protect. If the power goes out and your security system is without backup power, your business is vulnerable to theft and other possible damages. Whether it is money, special equipment, computer systems, furniture, or a number of other important things, your business security systems must stay operational to protect these if a power outage should occur.


Once You Have a Backup Generator in Place

If you’ve made the decision to purchase a backup generator, the most important thing now is keeping it operational. Many backup generators require fuel to run, usually natural gas or diesel. One of Moffitt’s services is our backup generator fuel maintenance program. We keep your generator fuel levels full so that you can always be sure your generator will work. In times of crisis, like we’ve seen with hurricanes and natural disasters, fuel delivery can be very difficult and sometimes impossible for a time. Having a full tank and a reliable fuel service can literally save your business.


If your business requires a backup generator and you need a trusted partner for fuel maintenance, then you’ve found it. Moffitt has been in business for several decades and we’ve built a reputation on our attention to service and our consistency. Call us today to learn more about our generator fuel maintenance program.

Moffitt Services
Moffitt Services
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