5 Ways to Save On Bulk Fuel

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June 3, 2019
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5 Ways to Save On Bulk Fuel

While trying to save on bulk fuel can be tough, there are some tried and true methods companies can apply quickly. Fuel prices can change quickly. Let’s look at some fundamental steps a company can take to establish consistent savings on the purchasing, driving, and storage of bulk fuel.

Select the Most Fuel-Efficient Path

Make sure your company and drivers are aware of the most fuel-efficient path to your destination. You save on bulk fuel by hitting multiple loads or destinations in one go. Maximize each trip by building data on average drive times and how much you save on bulk fuel. Building this data also can help your business plan for routine maintenance and tire checks, as well as gas mileage performance. Also, you can build data on peak traffic times in specific area locations so drivers can avoid backups. Don’t be afraid to break out Google maps when traffic seems to pile up. This helps you save on bulk fuel by being able to negotiate better deals knowing that you are not wasting gas.

Manage Your Speed

Although time is money, so is fuel efficiency. Everyday prices are fluctuating and you as a company cannot control that, however, you can control optimal speed to save on bulk fuel. It may seem like a tiny detail but is easy to implement company-wide. Consistency in this area will build long time results that can be measured. Building route data and cruising speed data will give your company reliable results on how much gas mileage you are getting versus what you should be.

Perform Routine Maintenance and Tire Pressure Checks

It is important that you routinely check tire pressure, as it can affect both performance and traction control. Make sure to check pressures as the seasons change or if maintenance has been done to the truck. Also, have routine checkups on your vehicles. Schedule it out every couple thousand miles. Whether it is something small like an oil change or something major, a quick look by a professional can help you do more than just save on bulk fuel. A smoother running engine burns less fuel and ensures the truck gets optimal travel performance.

Buy Bulk Fuel Storage Tanks

Your fuel budget can also decrease dramatically by having a fuel storage tank on site. Starting your day with an onsite storage tank can help you save on bulk fuel. Your offices can become home base for every single drive, and, again, would allow you to build your business model around efficiently fueling at the beginning of the day. No gas is wasted on idling at a truck stops, looking for fueling stations, or wasteful spending techniques. Having an onsite storage tank will help you with time, frustration, and save on bulk fuel. Moreover, you save on bulk fuel with the maintenance and testing of the tank being covered by a wholesale provider. Set up tanks at other travel locations if you can as well, which in turn can help your routes become more fuel efficiently. It will pay even more dividends when natural disasters happen.


More importantly, know your budget and how much you are willing to spend. Before signing a contract, make sure you have negotiated the best deal for your company. Even then, upon completion of contract, remember to negotiate when that contract expires. Make sure you have fuel purchasing strategies when you enter the marketplace, and always be looking for the right timing. A couple of days can make all the difference when you want to save on bulk fuel. Hiring a fuel manager may be the best option when it comes to fuel management.

The Right Fuel Partner

Bulk fuel prices can be a challenge, and it is daunting for a company to switch to a wholesale provider for the first time. However, with the right company you can save money, time, and worry by switching and implementing small changes. If you are looking for a trusted company with years of experience, contact Moffitt Services. With over 70 years of experience, they know how to meet companies where they are at. Contact us today for fuel services made for you.

Moffitt Services
Moffitt Services
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